Veggie juice, breakfast juice – but what to do with the pulp?

Hey y’all !

So the other day, my boyfriend and I bought a KitchenAid – classic. And I must say, I’m in love with it! It’s not only functional but it’s beautiful!
For a long time I’ve wanted a juicer, so I’ve would be able to make my own juices etc. I’ve heard good and bad stuff about juicers, one of the things being that there is a lot of waste, so it’s expensive.
However, we bought a juicer for the KitchenAid.
And it AMAZING!! so many options! And it’s not that expensive, because you use the waste/pulp for baking! You got all the fibers and still some flavor, so why don’t you use the pulp for making bread, muffins, maybe cakes?

If you can’t use all the pulp right away or you don’t have time to bake right now? put the pulp in a plastic bag and in the freezer

Juice 1
(makes 800ML)
Beetroot (2 small or 1 large)
3-5 Carrots
2 big apples
1/4 of a lemon (if not ecological, don’t use the zest!)
1cm of ginger – if you like, I love ginger, my boyfriend? not so much 😉
Optional: red or yellow pepper-fruit.
Start the juicer and have some fresh veggie juice 🙂
Throw the pulp into a bowl, add some water – not much! because the pulp is already a bit wet 🙂
add an egg, some oats flour, salt, and some natron and baking powder. Put the mixture into the wanted container, and in the oven for about 1.5 on 200 degrees Celsius.

I made a bread out of it, as you can see in the gallery 🙂

Juice 2
(makes 350ML)

This juice is somewhat sweeter and maybe more child friendly? 🙂
5-7 carrots
1 appel
5 strawberries
1cm ginger
100gr of frozen raspberries – I would use fresh next time!

Juice away 🙂 

I am making muffins out of the pulp, but they are still in the oven! 
But I can tell I added some vanilla and a bit of chili flakes, so tomorrow you’ll if they turned out great 🙂 

Banana muffins on the go – a healthy choice!

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Hey guys!

So since I’m trying to live more healthy, with the LCHF and Kayla Itsines BBG program, I have tried to find good eats that is a bit more healthy than normal 🙂 One of them is these banana muffins 🙂

Just a shoutout to the LCHF, I’m a huge fan! you can eat whatever you want – in moderation, and the only thing is, that you have to cut back on carbs, such as bread, rice, pasta and sugar – it doesn’t mean that you can’t have them, you just have to limit your intake! 🙂
But the benefits are huge! I’m feeling way less bloated, so the lower part of my belly is flatter than usual 😉 YAY ;)) and my skin is clearing up, not that I had bad break-outs, but it is already looking more fresh. I’ve only been 100% committed the last three days, but the last 1.5 week, I’ve more or less been living by the LCHF principles 🙂

back to business; Banana muffins 🙂

They are easy to take with you, on the go or breakfast etc. 🙂

you need:
2-4 bananas (mashed) – depending on how intense you like the taste of bananas
2 tablespoons of yogurt
2 egg whites
oats – I don’t have the exact measurements, but until the mixture is kinda runny, but not completely 😉
baking-powder 2 teaspoons
I’ve made two types; one with cinnamon used about 2 tablespoons, and one with chocolate-powder – you can easily use raw-cocoa or “real” chocolate 🙂

The you mix all of it together, and then put in small muffin-tins, and in the oven for about 20-25 min, on 200 degrees 🙂
I prefer the one w. cinnamon, but my boyfriend prefers the chocolate-ones! 😉