As you may have figured out, foodlosophy is not a real word, but yes, it does stand for Food-philosophy.
My foodlosophy, is that each flavor has to come to it’s right. The flavors must be clean, intense and it has to be real. But most important, the food cooked in the kitchen must have a key ingredient: love! It might sound stupid, but you can easily taste the difference. Have you ever tried eating something that isn’t well cared for? it’s done in a hurry, the chef didn’t really want to be there cooking, the food doesn’t really taste of much, maybe the chef forgot to season? If you cook with love, it’s not about how fancy, how slow or how much money you use,  but if you cook with love, i.e care for what you are making, giving it the time needed and take the time to taste while cooking, and seasoning what needs to be seasoned, then the outcome of the dish will be divine! So my foodlosophy comes down till two things:

  • Cook with love!
  • And you can never go wrong with good, fresh produce and wine!

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