Veggie-burger shout-out

Yesterday me and some co-workers visited a new restaurant, called Mikuna, they are a 100% vegan, and make the most delicious burgers etc!!menu/c24tf

Bbbbbutter chicken!!

Hey y’all

So this is my first attempt on a indian dish, and to be honest I definitely need to look more into the Indian cuisine!! It was so good! The strong and beautiful flavors, with the soft and tender chicken.. So many intense flavors, and still the dish is incredible easy and simple to cook.

To say it easy? YOU MUST TRY THIS!

I used this recipe:



The easiest brekkie in the world

So this breakfast is soooo easy!

You chop up a banana, and some almonds – if you feel like it, you can cut them into bits and pieces too, then throw it into a bowl of natural skyr or yogurt. The round sweet flavors of the banana and the delicate taste from the almonds goes amazingly with the more bitter/sour taste from the yogurt.
If you think you might need some more sweetness to go with it, you can pour on a bit of honey!

Would fit perfectly to the brunch-table, as a alternative to the yogurt with muesli 🙂

The burger to die forw

Do you know the feeling when you cannot figure out what you want for dinner? – I’m having exams coming up, and that leaves me with no imagination.. But this burger seems to be the bomb when it comes to junk 😉