Who can resist this italian dessert, coffee, armeretto and one fluffy-vanilla-creme and cocoa-powder.. My God it’s good!! IMG_0703 IMG_0715 IMG_0714


  • 4 egg yolks
  • 125 gr. Sugar
  • ½ fresh vanilla
  • 500 gr. Mascarpone
  • 24 ladyfingers
  • Good strong coffee – like espresso
  • Armeretto or another almond liqueur
  • cocoa powder

Make the coffee and let it cool – remember that it must be strong.

Then mix egg yolks, sugar and vanilla together to form a eggnog. So you are whipping the yolks, sugar and vanilla. Then put in, gently, the mascarpone.

When the cream is made, put the coffee into a shallow dish and then pour 2-3 tablespoons of liqueur in.

Take a lady finger and dips it in the coffee, and put it into the desired bowl / dish, you want it to be served in, do this until the entire bottom is covered, then put then a layer of cream on, and the process is repeated until you have no more ladyfingers and cream.

The cake should be refrigerated – preferably overnight, but at least 3-4 hours. Just before serving put the cocoa powder over the top, in a nice thin layer.

Lion food ! Food for real men !

Hey guys!

Yesterday the menu was simple and easy, yet not something you do everyday!
Homemade tartare followed by french fries, country style!

Working with raw food, it is super important that the kitchen hygiene is at top of it’s game!

Here we go:

You need about 500g of beef – not minced, but as if you were making roast beef, and then you cut it into small pieces or use a mincer. I like that it has some texture – so if using a mincer be aware! 🙂

Add following things to the beef – remember to taste the after adding each thing, because some of the tastes can be very powerful.

Mustard – about two teaspoons
a small tablespoon of olive oil
1.1/2 teaspoon of horseradish
2 teaspoons of capers – cut into smaller pieces (you can add more, if you like capers, they however very salty, so add a little at a time if you add more then the two teaspoons:))
3 cornichons, chopped up nicely
one shallot finely cut.
Maybe some cognac? a tablespoon.

and last but not least: pasteurized egg – two till three – I used two for 500grams 🙂

For the fries, personally I do not have a deep fryer, so i used a medium sized pot, and some rap seed oil, and three baking potatoes.
The potatoes was cut into rustic slices, and put into a bowl of ice-cold water for about 30 min, and boiled in the oil twice. First to make them nice and soft inside, secondly to make them super crisp.

The potatoes are def’ what takes the most time, because of the water, and the fact that it does take some time to heat the oil and fry! But if you start with the potatoes, and while the oil are being heated up, you can start with the meat, and so on. I think I used about 45 – 50 min, in total.


Croque madame

Some time ago, I was craving croque madame! The ultimate breakfast – doesn’t take a whole lot of time to make, and tastes good cold and hot, can easily be served as a part of the breakfast-table, brunch or as a part of a french-inspired tapas night! 🙂
You need:
Toast (8)
Eggs (Four fried eggs – smiling!)
Tomatoes (two, cut into fine pieces)
Mustard (2 tablespoons)
Cheese (grated)
Sour creme (250 gr)

How to:
Pre-heat the oven 200 Celsius
Mix sour creme with the mustard and 100g grated cheese, and season with salt and pepper.
place four slices of toast on a griddle, put a slice of ham on each toast, afterwards you put on the tomatoes, a tablespoon of the mixed sour creme, and some more grated cheese on top. Then you place a slice of toast on top, and bit of butter on each.
Bake in the oven until golden (this is a croque monsieur)
It becomes a croque madame, when you fry the eggs, and put on top of the bread when out of the oven.

This is of course served with either a homemade tomato-sauce, ketchup or homemade tomato-relish 🙂

If you have a day-old croissant, you could then use the croissant instead of the toast, by cutting the top of the croissant..


Pasta-sauce on a budget

Hey guys!
Are you sick and tired of pasta with ketchup when your money is a bit tight?
This recipe is fool-proof, and super tasty!

All you need is:

Tomatoes; 4 big or a handful small ones
Parmesan cheese
Garlic and onions
and for seasoning; salt and pepper.

Firstly everything needs to be chopped into smaller bits and pieces – except the pasta.
Put the onions and garlic on a hot saucepan with olive oil – the oil should be hot. The onions should be glass-like. Then you put in the bacon onto the same pan, and let it cook for about 5 min. Then add the tomatoes and bring all of it to a boil, and let it simmer while the pasta is cooking.
When you’ve added the tomatoes start boiling water for the pasta, and when the pasta has been in, for two min, add two table spoons of the water into the saucepan, with the bacon etc.
When the pasta is done, you take the water from the pasta and put the pasta onto the saucepan, steering and bring it to a boil again, this time while adding some grated parmesan cheese – and then: ready to serve!

If you feel like doing something extra for your dish, try to use fresh pasta – or maybe homemade, and use some really good smoked bacon that aren’t already sliced at the store. This will bring some more luxury into the dish and the flavors will be super intense.


So today I went to the doctor, and I am feeling super sick afterwards! But my lovely boyfriend was so nice, and while grocery-shopping he picked up some croissants!

I just love croissants! They are so delicious!
I mean, you can eat them as they are, you can stuff them, you can use them for desserts, brunch, lunch-time!

Mouth watering lasagna

Hey guys! – what’s cooking?

What is better than having a friend over on a cold and stormy January day, watching Harry Potter and just having a good time? (yes we watched the first three Harry Potter movies;))
Any how, we talked about dinner the other day, and decided that we would kill for a lasagna!
I’m not going to post the entire recipe, since it’s a family secret, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy 🙂

Just remember the most important thing when making bolognese is time and wine. The longer the bolognese is on stove simmering with that wine and those beautiful simple spices, the more intense are the flavors and you will have an amazing bolognese for lasagna and spaghetti bolognese.  



Tomatoes – fresh and canned and a can of tomato-puré
Minced beef – high in fat
Wine (I prefer red instead of white)
Dried or fresh basil
Salt, pepper, 1 teaspoon sugar.
Olive oil
Some like to put in carrots, however I’m not a fan, but if on a tight budget, it can add some more volume, if not adding as much meat. If you do put in carrot be sure to chop them up really nice and thin, maybe even use a grater.

Heat up the olive oil, and put in the chopped onions and garlic – they are not supposed to get brown but glass like.
Throw in the meat, and add basil – it should cover the surface, a good handful salt and the sugar.
Brown the meat, and pour in wine and tomatoes.

Remember what I said about time?
Bring all of this to a boil and let it simmer for a few hours – I suggest a minimum of 3 hours!!

The holy grail of a lasagna is the béchamel-sauce!
Some are using a store-bought sauce, and that is fine, but I would never-ever use that! It is soooo easy to make yourself and it tastes so much better – furthermore you know exactly what you have put in it!
And when you have used the time of making this beautiful Bolognese, why not complement it with a homemade béchamel?

You need:
100 gr Butter
8 TBS Flour
1 L milk
1 fresh grated nutmeg
Salt and pepper

The way of doing it, is very well explained here I do not myself used the onion thing – at least not when it comes to lasagna.

And the only thing left is to build up that beautiful lasagna! Remember in between layers of sauce and béchamel to put some grated parmesan-cheese, and to finish of, put a layer of lasagna-sheets on top.

Serve with a nice garlic bread and maybe a salad.

Happy weekend!!

Old fashioned “cream-buns”/ fastelavnsboller

Hola todos! 🙂

So in Denmark these cream buns or fastelavnsboller as we call it, is starting to pop up all over the stores, and they are really good.
My mom used to make these, and they are so delicious!

In my recipe they say that this should make about 12 cream buns, I found that it make around 30 – depending on the size of the squares.

You need:

The buns: 
500 gr. flour
300 gr. butter
1 teaspoon cardamom
1 tablespoon sugar
2,5 dl milk
40 gr yeast
2 eggs

100 gr marzipan
100 gr. butter
60 gr. sugar
200 gr. vanilla custard (kagecreme)
50 gr. chocolate

To do:

Mix the butter and the flour, so the texture looks a bit like sawdust 😉
Then put in the cardamom and sugar, then you heat the milk until it’s little-finger warm, when it’s warm the yeast go in the milk – make sure to dissolve the yeast completely, before pouring the milk into the flour, then put in the two eggs.
Knead the mixture until it’s smooth.
Then let it raise for 30 min.

Mix butter, marzipan, sugar until it’s smooth – be careful not to over do it!
Make the vanilla-custard (I used store-bought)

How to:

Put the dough on the kitchen-counter and roll, and cut into small squares, then put a bit of the custard in the middle, and the marzipan filling, – if you want, you can put a piece of chocolate in there as well.
And then you take all of the corners and connect them and form into a little bun.
Then place on a griddle, and let them raise for another 20 min  .
Turn on the oven 200 degrees, and they should have about 15 min.


Enjoy 😀