The easiest brekkie in the world

So this breakfast is soooo easy!

You chop up a banana, and some almonds – if you feel like it, you can cut them into bits and pieces too, then throw it into a bowl of natural skyr or yogurt. The round sweet flavors of the banana and the delicate taste from the almonds goes amazingly with the more bitter/sour taste from the yogurt.
If you think you might need some more sweetness to go with it, you can pour on a bit of honey!

Would fit perfectly to the brunch-table, as a alternative to the yogurt with muesli 🙂


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Within my family we have always loved food – no exceptions. In this house we live to wine & dine. Wether it’s Italian, the French cuisine, Asian or the Aussie’s BBQ’s, we all got a favourite dish. When I cook, I cook with my heart. On a daily basis I work as a lifeguard, swim coach and assistant consultant at accounting company, further more I’m studying at Aarhus University where I’m about to take a masters degree. As it might appear I’m fairly busy, but one thing will be sure, the food and recipes on this blog is coming directly from the heart!

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