Old fashioned “cream-buns”/ fastelavnsboller

Hola todos! 🙂

So in Denmark these cream buns or fastelavnsboller as we call it, is starting to pop up all over the stores, and they are really good.
My mom used to make these, and they are so delicious!

In my recipe they say that this should make about 12 cream buns, I found that it make around 30 – depending on the size of the squares.

You need:

The buns: 
500 gr. flour
300 gr. butter
1 teaspoon cardamom
1 tablespoon sugar
2,5 dl milk
40 gr yeast
2 eggs

100 gr marzipan
100 gr. butter
60 gr. sugar
200 gr. vanilla custard (kagecreme)
50 gr. chocolate

To do:

Mix the butter and the flour, so the texture looks a bit like sawdust 😉
Then put in the cardamom and sugar, then you heat the milk until it’s little-finger warm, when it’s warm the yeast go in the milk – make sure to dissolve the yeast completely, before pouring the milk into the flour, then put in the two eggs.
Knead the mixture until it’s smooth.
Then let it raise for 30 min.

Mix butter, marzipan, sugar until it’s smooth – be careful not to over do it!
Make the vanilla-custard (I used store-bought)

How to:

Put the dough on the kitchen-counter and roll, and cut into small squares, then put a bit of the custard in the middle, and the marzipan filling, – if you want, you can put a piece of chocolate in there as well.
And then you take all of the corners and connect them and form into a little bun.
Then place on a griddle, and let them raise for another 20 min  .
Turn on the oven 200 degrees, and they should have about 15 min.


Enjoy 😀



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