A Danish hotdog

Hello y’all 🙂

As I came home from practice today, I was starving, and all I really wanted to eat was a hotdog, you know the good ones, with pickles, tomato sauce, roasted onions etc.
It tasted disgustingly good! & I think I’ll try to make a relish tomorrow to spice the hotdog up a bit and make it a bit more “gourmet”!

I cheated and bought the bread from the store, but if you’re up for it, a good recipe for hotdog buns is this one really good!


What to put on the hotdog?
I like Ketchup/tomato sauce, dijon mustard, remoulade (a bit like tartar sauce, but still not exactly the same), onions, pickles, fried onions.

By all means, don’t limit yourself when it comes to creativity and what to put on your hotter or not!

Have a good one!


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Within my family we have always loved food – no exceptions. In this house we live to wine & dine. Wether it’s Italian, the French cuisine, Asian or the Aussie’s BBQ’s, we all got a favourite dish. When I cook, I cook with my heart. On a daily basis I work as a lifeguard, swim coach and assistant consultant at accounting company, further more I’m studying at Aarhus University where I’m about to take a masters degree. As it might appear I’m fairly busy, but one thing will be sure, the food and recipes on this blog is coming directly from the heart!

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